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Massage Therapy

Massage is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it relaxing but it also improves circulation, sleep, and helps move toxins out of the body. Adding a regular therapeutic massage to your health regimen will nourish and balance your body.

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This ultimately relaxing experience combines a deep, rhythmic massage technique with steaming hot towels steeped in aromatic herbs to nourish and balance the body. Feel your body sigh in relief as moist heat deeply relaxes muscles.
60 minutes - $80 / 90 minutes - $110

Utilizing traditional Swedish massage and incorporating neuromuscular techniques to problem areas, this therapeutic massage relaxes tense muscles, eases stress and tension, relieves pain, and improves sleep.
60 minutes - $75 / 90 minutes - $105

Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Sports Massage
60 minutes - $80 / 90 minutes - $110

Prenatal Massage
A relaxing, therapeutic and highly desirable treatment for moms-to-be. Utilizing a special pillow that allows pregnant mothers to lay face down, this massage helps relieve any muscle soreness associated with carrying your new bundle of joy.
60 minutes - $80

Spot Treatment
Point specific, therapeutic, deep tissue or sports massage only.
30 minutes - $45

This Asian style technique utilizes overhead bars for balance as the therapist applies an exquisite deep massage via foot pressure. The intensity of the massage can be tailored to the needs of the client.
60 minutes - $80

Reflexology applies acupressure to reflex points on the feet to relieve stress and muscular tension, improve circulation, and encourage energy flow. Totally relaxing, reflexology activates the body’s own healing powers.
45 minutes - $50

Add hot stones to massage - $20



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